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Have you ever wondered if you are managing your money as well as you could?
With so many different types of ways to spend, let alone invest your money these days, do you feel sometimes you need a second opinion or a different perspective on how you are handling your situation?

Do you completely understand all the options available to you in your current situation?

Does it worry you that you’re taking advice from the same person who ‘sold’ you the investment?

Fred and his team can help you by walking you though what you are doing now and taking a second look to see if you could benefit by doing things differently.  Maybe even helping you find a way where you can take advantage of something you may not have been aware of.

EB Consultants can help you manage your own money and what you want to do with it by providing an honest opinion on how you are doing things now and sound advice on how (if at all) you could do things differently.

Call us on 486 3999 to book a meeting with Fred and see if with some good old fashioned straight talking you can start managing your money better.

Tips & Info

KiwiSaver - exemptions from automatic enrolment rules
At times you may employ temporary or casual employees. If the employee is employed for 28 continuous days or less you don't need to enrol them in KiwiSaver.

Here's a quick refresher about who's eligible for KiwiSaver and the enrolment process.

You must automatically enrol eligible new employees who aren't already members. They must be:

•at least 18 and under 65 years old, and
•a New Zealand citizen or entitled to remain in New Zealand indefinitely.

Read more on the IRD website in their Sept Business Tax Newsletter